(To Book call 0487-2553499 or 2562221 or write to

Destiny had brought me to the feet of Bagawan Sreekrishna at Guruvayoor and made me script the following to be beneficial for his lakhs and lakhs of devotees and to spread the message of a Unique Show of unity and Noble concept by the members of Guruvayoor Brahamana Samooham.

Sree Sankara Nilayam Guest House by Guruvayoor Brahamana Samooham is what I have penned here for you.

Guruvayoor Brahamana Samooham at East nada is already well known for decades for its free distribution of Drinking water to the Devotees of Bagawan Sreekrishna and very lately for the DAILY SAMARADHANA (ANNADHANAM) for its community members. A Dharma Sastha temple is also housed in this building.

For partaking in the Annadhanam, on has to report at the Guruvayoor Brahamana Samooham and have a free registration of their name/s before 10 am of the day you wish to partake. Most of whom who had had this Annadhanam, had generously contributed to the Samooham, which helped them to continue this Samaradhana. Approximately 120 persons are Partaking in this Samaradhana on daily basis as said by one of the executive members.

If you wish to do Samaradhana for a day in remembrance of your beloved or to share you happiness on special occasions, you could do the same by remitting Rs.2500.00 per instance.

Here in this Guruvayoor Samooham madam, you have the facility to do Masa / Ammavasiya Tharpanams, small get together, Upanayanam, Marriages etc

On 26th April 2004 the foundation stone for Sree Sankara Nilayam Guest House was laid by Kanchi Periyaval.

Sree Sankara Nilayam Guest House was inaugurated by Shri. P.R Raman, Hon. Justice, High Court of Kerala on the 7th of November 2009.

Sree Sankara Nilayam Guest House has a built up area of 12000 sq.ft. On four floors(GF+3) with about 21 double rooms, 1 AC doubles room and a Suite room.

Rooms are well designed and the temple is just about 200 meters from Sree Sankara Nilayam Guest House and this proximity helps us to wake up ourselves hearing the divine Njanapana sung by P Leela.

Sree Sankara Nilayam Guest House has excellent & wider marble laid stair ways, huge ideally located window allowing fresh air and light every where within.

The entrance is well paved with concrete bricks, the wider entrance and the slope is helpful for the elderly people. The reception is wide and well placed to attend to all the visitors and a Bubbletop is also placed for having filtered drinking water. One could also see good mural painting in the reception facing you.

Sree Sankara Nilayam Guest House Is equipped with EPABX connections to all its rooms and the Guest House does not have any kind of room service.

The promoters/Designers of Sree Sankara Nilayam Guest House   are foresighted since we need not Switch On lights on the room till sunset, Solar Water heater Systems Installed for hot water available even at 03.00 hours, and the mega water treatment plant to provide the guest with purified drinking water, hats off to all of them.

Sree Sankara Nilayam Guest House   may be upgraded with CATV & LIFT service, since they had made provisions of the same.

I have attached Photos which speaks about Sree Sankara Nilayam Guest House.

To say more about you have about Seven to eight vegetarian Hotels within 100 meters of this guest house, ATM`s of Union Bank Of India, Syndicate Bank, Federal Bank, State Bank of Travancore, Indian Bank, Catholic Syrian Bank, and branches of Union bank of India, Indian Overseas Bank, Dhanalekshmi Bank and Guruvayoor General Post office within 300 meters.

Very next to Sree Sankara Nilayam Guest House (25 meters) you have Browsing center, which could keep you connected to your work in case of emergency.

You have 2 hospitals within 1 kilometer of  Sree Sankara Nilayam Guest House   and about 2 medical stores in case if you need some medicines.

Sree Sankara Nilayam Guest House   provides us with a 100 seater hall on ground floor, which could be used for small gatherings or functions.

Guruvayoor Private Bus stand and KSRTC Bus Depot is within 500 meters from Sree Sankara Nilayam Guest House   towards East and North respectively. Guruvayoor (GUV) railway station is Just 1 kilometer from here. Autos charge you Rs.15.00 to get you dropped.

The most convenient Railway station is Trichur (TCR) which is about 30 kilometers away.   You have private buses to Guruvayoor from the vicinity of Railway Station every 5 minutes and the Fare is less than Rs.20/- . Apart from the Passenger trains to Ernakulum (ERN or ERS).

Train Number Train Name Train Source Stn Source Dep. Time Train Destination Stn Dest. Arr. Time
6128 Chennai Egmore Express Guruvayoor/GUV 09:00PM Chennai Egmore/MS 08:15PM
6726 Madurai Express Guruvayoor/GUV 09:15PM Madurai Junction/MDU 12:15PM

For Taxi & Coach requirement, RK Travels operating from the next building of

Sree Sankara Nilayam Guest House   is dependable, owned by one of our fellow Brahmin.

For booking and to know more about

Sree Sankara Nilayam Guest House    you could call on 0487-2553499, or email to .

Any individual could become part of Sree Sankara Nilayam Guest House and the details of the same are available in the attached brochures.

The following numbers might help you in case of any emergency.


 Railway Station:                  2554300

KSRTC Bus Depot:            2556450

Police Station:                     2556362

Post Office:                         2556099

RK Travels:                        2556387.

This data’s and reports are personally collected by me during January 2010, please reconfirm Phone & Train numbers, Train timings, Room/Auto/Bus Fares/Rates extra before planning since it may vary at the Time/Year of your usage.

I have a small wish to the readers, if you find any mistake or error, kindly guide me to correct my mistakes.

Check this link for viewing photos of Sri Sankara Nilayam Guest House

Your feedbacks to

RAMACHANDRAN alias CHANDRU ( I am just a blogger and is not associated with this Guest House)

TRIVANDRUM +919995211666,



  1. 07 Feb 2010

    You have done a remarkable presentation about the guest house. It felt as though we were making a live-tour of the premises. Thank you. Visiting Guruvayoor would become all the more tempting now with such wonderful facilities available nearby.

    Thank you!

    S Raju Aiyer

  2. Chandra Menon Says:

    Om namo Narayanaya
    You have done an exemplary job in providing this information that may be useful to many many Bhakthas visiting Guruvayoor Temple or “Bhooloka VaikuNtam”. May guruvayoorappan bless you for this noble work
    Om Namo Narayanaya
    Chandra S Menon

  3. Respecetd Sir,
    The info provided is excellent as I would like to avail these service on going to Guruvayur next time.
    Thanks for your info & efforts.
    with Regards

  4. DR V Thanumoorthy Says:

    Dear Sir!
    That is a very useful info. Thank u for the painstaking exercise
    thank u
    dr v thanumoorthy

  5. K.H.Krishnan Says:

    Dear Mr.Chandru,I do not know how to thank you for the excellent article and photos.I feel tempted to visit Guruvayur and worship Lord Guruvayurappan at the earliest available opportunity.K.H.Krishnan.


    Dear Mr.Chandru,
    Very descriptive and needed informations are given, thanks a lot,

  7. Suresh Narayan Says:

    That was a very useful piece of information.
    thank you

  8. Excellent article. I am a member in the Guesthouse. I am born and brouhtup in Guruvayoor.My cousin Shri Subramanyam is looking after the everyday noon Sadya here. Thank u for giving the descriptive details of this GH. Pranams.Seshu

  9. It will be very useful to everybody, if you could add the current tarrif per
    day for the stay. Room size, no.of persons allowed to stay etc…

  10. S.Jayabalan Says:

    Wonderful sevice Thanks a million
    How can I reserve accomodation
    Any opportunity to invest in nany property in Guruvayoor or any other pl;ace associated with our Community

  11. S.Jayabalan Says:

    Excellent service

  12. Ramesh Bala Says:

    Hi Chandru,

    You have done an exemplary job in providing this information that may be useful to many many Bhakthas visiting Guruvayoor Temple.

    If you can add the information of the room size and tariff per day , no of persons allowed to stay etc.

    Thanks and Regards,


  13. Dear Mr.Chandru,

    Excellent Information.Hats off to you for the meticulous way, you have gone about in describing the Guest House especially with photographs through web.

    Brahmana Samooham has been doing invaluable service in providing hygienic and homely food.

    An indication about room tariff will be very valuable.


    R Chandrasekaran

  14. Anand Subramanian Says:

    Hello Sri Chandru Ji

    Thanks a lot for the updates you have made for devotees visiting to our beloved Lord Guruvayurappan.

    Anand Subramanian


    How can anyone find any error in this as it has been presented by you with so much of divine passion ?

    One small thing needs to be clarified in the article, and i.e., whether this
    guest house is for permanent residents, or can be booked on daily, weekly or even monthly rental basis – and if so at what rates. There are many senior citizens and elderly couples looking for some resting place in their old age preferably at the feet of Lord Guruvayurappan – do you also propose to build an Old Age Home in the near future…Thanks and with regards – NATHAN FROM NEW DELHI

  16. vaidyanathan Says:

    a Very useful information for those travelling to Guruvayur

  17. Very good information for the community. Photos are meticulous .Looking forward for availing the facility for next Guruvayur visit.

  18. A.Ramchandran Says:

    Excellent and painstaking job by chandru.I am also tempted to visit Guruvayoor.Let the loard bless you and provide you with strength to update the info for millions of visitors who will blwss you.

  19. s.vaitheeswaran Says:

    Dear chandru,
    this is a useful service for our commiunity,
    excelent, and gteatful service.
    reayaly i proved of your service.
    god bless you in all ways.
    thanking you,

  20. Dr.L.Ramaswamy Says:

    Mai We know hwat is the room rent per day for A/C Double room and how to book the room from Mumbai.


  21. dear sir

    a very great service for the devotees who visit guruvuyur. the information provided by you is very eloborate and useful.

    i used to visit guruvayur frequently and it is more than 5 years since i visited there. during my earlier visits, accommodation and food were the problems.

    i am planning to go to guruvayur by april end with some of my family members. i shall be glad if you will please let me know the following:

    1. whether advance booking of accommodation be made? if so whom should i contact and the room tariff.

    2. whether the association can provide food – any advance information to be given?

    thank you


    • In the blog & comments the answer is there. 1 ) advance booking is available, 2) Hotels & restaurants available within 500 meters, No room services.
      The Guest house Phone number and email Id is published for advance booking, they will help you

  22. Ramachandran Says:

    Normally persons prefer to visit Guruvayoor from Madras (Chennai- Coimbattore by train , and by bus to Guruvayoor) which is said to be short and takes lesser time. Please add the details also and that will fullfil the site.

  23. viswanathan Says:

    //Om NamoBhagavatheVasudevaya//Excellent piece of very useful information, presented in a clear, professional manner for the benefit of thousands of devotees! motivates one to follow up, at the earliest opportunity with updates after visiting Guruvayur, the Lord willing, and staying in the Samooham facility and partaking of the food served as a great service to devotees: the lodging place, as far as i know, is for staying temporarily on a daily basis. there is some talk, now and then, of proposal to build senior citizens’ residential place – one has recently come up in thrissur. most grateful to Sri Chandru for this space, for the information compiled and presented. //OmNamoNarayanaya// — rj

  24. sri chandru ji
    very good service to the community in general and good info light on guruvayoor brahmana samooham east nadas service.
    now they have started – collective sharing of rooms for certain years on nominal amount. so you or your friends or fmly members can stay there for so many no of days in an year. i think presently 15k and above is ther . for 15k 3 days in an year for 12 years you can enjoy the fecilities. if you require a/c room additional difference has to be paid.

    hari om

  25. Veekay Prasad Says:

    Lord Krishna is pleased with you for your yo men service of taking pains to picturise the Guest House and also give the salient features, and He Blesses you. I have forwarded this message to all my friends and my Balan Anna is going on 20th June there to attend a marriage. I had requested him to give me the feedback about the current situation & affairs there, for my information.

    Krishna Nee Begane, yennai Guruvayoorukku koopittukko.

    Veenay Prasad

  26. Balasubramanian.K Says:

    in the above article the kilometer specified from trichur is wrong

    it is 28 kms by road.

    Now the charge for a/c double room is 1000 and for non a/c 600

    u can make advance booking here.

    for which u hav to call 04872553499 at least 30 days before ur visit

    • Dear Sir,

      Thank you for correcting me, I had made the changes in the blog.
      Otherwise rates mentioned and booking number given are same as per my second blog on Guruvayoor Sankaranilayam guest house.

  27. Dear chandru,

    The details in the blogs were useful, one of my friend had suggested sankara nilayam for stay, i had made the bookings but wanted to know more about this place. The informations were useful, as this is my first visit to guruvayoor appan koyil, am all excited, will update on the recent updates.

  28. Dear chandru,

    The details in the blogs were useful, one of my friend had suggested sankara nilayam for stay, i had made the bookings but wanted to know more about this place. The informations were useful, as this is my first visit to guruvayoor appan koyil, am all excited, will update on the recent updates.


  29. […] The busiest day of the year was February 18th with 126 views. The most popular post that day was GURUVAYOOR SRI SANKARANILAYAM GUEST HOUSE. […]

  30. S.Janardhanan Says:

    We stayed in Sri Sankara Nilayam, Guruvayur couple of days back and enjoyed our stay in the guest house.

    Do you have any scheme with which I can make some donation to the samooham and avail of the guest house facilities during my future trips.


    • Based on your comment I spoke to the Treasurer of the committie managing Sankaranilayam, and he said that onlu Scheme 3 and room donor is available now, please see the link to get details of the scheme. Their Brouchere is attached in the same for reference.

      Note: I am not associated with the committe and or the management and I am only a freelance blogger, who had volunterly doing this


    Dear Mr.Chandru
    The hotel had been referred by my uncle who used to regularly visit Guruvayoor. I alongwith my wife shall be visiting Guruvayoor on 18th May and will be requiring room for 18/19. Can you pl.mail me the availability & tariff (for an AC room)

    Thank you -OM NAMO NARAYANA
    S.KRISHNA KUMAR-Dombivli

  32. G S Venkateshwaran Says:

    We stayed in the Guest house last year and it is well built and thanks for Brahmana samooham for that. Also I hope the lift service is operational now?

  33. Balakrishnan Says:

    Tks a lot. Because of your blog only I had a chance to stay in Sri Sankara Nilayam Guest House when I went to Guruvayoor recently. It is very neatly maintained. Reasonable rent and good hospitable staff made my stay worthy. Thank you sir.

    • I am much happier than you to hear about this, since one of my blog has helped a few like you . Its all because of the playfull Kannan
      Thanks for your mind to post the same on the blog, which seldom happens
      God bless

  34. v. subramanian Says:

    Dear shri chandru,

    You have created a wonderful very very exhaustive site. All relevant information available. could’nt ask for more. very very custmer friendly and useful site.

    • Thanks for your feed back Shri.Subramaniam.V
      I am much happy to see such kind of feedback as well as the calls recceived by me in this regard. All credit goes to Guruvayoorappan.

      I request you to share your experience in detail, so that it will further make the readers have a view about the place before the plan to travel.

  35. Indian Cricketer Sreesanth @ Guruvayoor on 28th Dec to attend

    FLASHBACK GURUVAYOOR. All Kerala Floodlit Cricket Tournament @ Sree Krishna School Ground, 27, 28 & 29th Dec 2011.

    LIVE on

    visit or more details

  36. P H Krishnan Says:

    Myself P H Krishnan and my wife are visiting Guruvayur on 12th March 2012 for a day stay. Can you please guide me how I can book one room for 12th night. I am coming from Mumbai via Trichur.

  37. Says:

    Hi there, simply turned into alert to your weblog thru Google, and located that it is truly informative. I am going to watch out for brussels. I’ll appreciate should you continue this in future. Lots of other people will probably be benefited out of your writing. Cheers!

  38. veerabhadra rao nagasamudram Says:

    Please provide room rates in this site

  39. P V Krishnamurthi Iyer Says:

    Fantastcally arranged for Brahmin Samooham thos who arrives for Darashan of Guruvayoorappan from outside Kerala.

    Kepp it up.

    May God Guruvayoorappan bless u all,

    p.v.krishnamurthi iyer

  40. Rema Lakshman Says:

    From Rema
    I loved my stay at the Brahma Samooham and also the food served there is really good and you feel so relaxed
    Thanks to Chandran Mama who has taken so much effort for coordinating all the activities there

  41. P H KRISHNAN Says:

    Dear Mr Chandran,

    This is further to my last visit to Guruvayur when I stated at Samooham. It was a pleasant experience and the yeomen services being rendered by the samooham for the visiting devotees. As a token of our small contribution to the good cause I would like to offer one day’s SAMARADHANA i e on 5th June 2012. I tried to remit through fund transfer to Samooham Dhanlaxmi a/c today . It got delayed. I am remitting the amount on Monday the 4th June 2012 and I shall intimate immediately on transfer the amount to your account. Can you please confirm when the amount received at your a/c. I have given your above e mail id also so that you will be intimated by the bank also.

    Kindly confirm

    • Sir

      As I had put on the blog, I`m not an official representative or an authorised person of Guruvayoor Sankaranilayam. I am only a blogger. For official communication you shall contact them through the gbs samooham email ID. MY name is Ramachandran H {Chandru} and i`m based at Trivandrum

  42. sunderrajan Says:

    Dear Chandru sir, the service of the Bramin Association is great
    I used this service once and I am going to use further too.May the lord Guruvayur Appan Lord of the universe bless you with more than 100 yrs for your service.


    Excellent work Mr. Chandru, excellent. I visited the place on 23/07/2012. Pl add one time contribution of Rs.15000/- for a period of 10 years to enjoy 3 day annual free stay at the guest house.

  44. Excellent and very useful information . It would have been ideal if a mention is made about the tariff for lodging.

  45. I have sent a Brindavan Sapthaham invitation 2.4.13 to 11.4.13 sepately by email.
    V. Venkatesan


    Sir / Madam, I need boarding for two days on Apr’13 (13 & 14th) for family room (Adult-2M, 3F & 2C). Kindly give your tariff and how i have to get it by confirmed on line transantion.

  47. venugopal Says:

    Excellent facility.I have used this facility

  48. harish Says:

    Please tell me room rent…

  49. chandrasekharan Says:

    Dear Chandru,

    I am chandrasekaran from chennai – will be travelling to guruvayur in july – would like to stay in your guest house.

    Kindly let me know the tariff per day for non a/c double room & contact no.

    Will be very much obliged.


  50. P.Y.Narayanan Says:

    Excellent Service.Homely food and in case if possible to add Breakfast and light Dinner like Lunch it would be more helpful for the pilgrimist as they dont have to take from outside.My uncle is a Donor for one room and he use to come and stay there every year and we also do stay there only as it is helping hand for our community.

  51. Melarkode Subramania Sastry Vasudevan Says:

    Dear Chandru,

    It is indeed quite useful. Thanks so many for such a beneficial and useful information to the devotees of Lord Guruvayoorappa.

    Thanks Once again

    Melarkode Subramania Sastry Vasudevan

  52. I stayed with mother, wife and son for a day and it was very good.
    Thanks for the great service.

  53. s suryanarayana Says:

    it is very informvative and more useful to pilegrimagers

  54. p.m. rajaram Says:

    dear Mr. chandru
    how do we book room for us . is there any website available for booking.

    please advise..

  55. A Vaidyanathan Says:

    Good Service

  56. s.senthil kumar Says:

    I am senthil kumar in chennai my family koil visit on 11-05-2014 pl booking room 12 members.

  57. K V Ranganathan Says:

    very useful information. I was searching for this long. Thank you very much for the information

  58. kumar k s Says:

    need to offer one samaradhana (annadanam) on moola nakshatram day. i shall send a cheque for Rs 2500/-. let me know to whom and which address i should send the same.

  59. what is the rent of this room please ?


    Hi. Whenever I land in the God own country and visit Guruvayur, I think of staying in Sankara Nilayam only. Near to temple, excellant and homely food. We all loved the stay & food always. All the very best to GBS

  61. V Sethuraman Says:

    I am very pleased to see your blog and appreciate your sincerity in giving valuable information to all bhakthas and providing facilities on arrival. Wishing you all the best in life. By the by, my wife and I come there on July 30, 2015 in the morning from Chennai and leaving in the evening same day.

    V Sethuraman

  62. Contact details of the guest House is missing in the link. Will be of much use to contact them in case of any requirement

  63. A Bala Subramanian Says:

    Useful info & had booked a Room also. Thanks

  64. Can we get Autos near the guest house for visiting nearby temples?

  65. Can we get autorikshaws for visiting nearby temples?

  66. Dear Mr.Chandru we are from Hyderabad, because of your blog we had a great trip and holy darshan, with nice stay.Thank u so much. could u please provide your phone number or email. can u please suggest me a for similar stay in trivandrum also. thank u

  67. Iam Sreenivasan from Bengaluru will be visiting guruvayoor on 5-03-2016 for 2 days with family (3 Adults), pl reserve non-AC room.

  68. can anyone let me know if the hotel has lifts

  69. It has a lift

  70. Ramamurthy Says:

    I am Ramamurthy from Dubai. already booked room thru my Brother in law Manian will visit end of Aug 16. can anybody advise whether Lift facility is available as my Wife cannot claim so many steps.

    thanks & brgds

  71. Shankar mahadevan Says:

    Dear sir, happy to note the services about the samooham. By the grace of guruvayurappan devotees will have a comfortable stay there.


    Dear sir,I have stayed in this gust house on 30/08/16 for the first time and had free meal at our samooham.It was very comfortable to stay and releashed a tasty squire meal.I realised here that service to mankind is service to God.

  73. Thanks for sharing amazing information !!!!!!

  74. The annadhanam is superb. I have started contributing to this noble cause since 2015 , and thrice in a year .

  75. KL Venkatraman Says:

    what are the formalities to be observed in becoming a Member of Shankara Nilayalm Guest House at Guruvayoor and what are the benefits a Member is entitled to get?

  76. TR Muraledharan Says:

    Thanks for the information. Expecting more.

  77. Manikandan Iyer Says:

    Respected sir,
    The information mentioned and the services provided is excellent. Hope many of our community people will plan and impliment such services in each and every Gramam, where the outstation villagers make use of the services.

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